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Don't waste money on new central heating systems and radiators, a powerflush from Powerhouse Flushing can cure upto 80% of the problems that you are experiencing. Call us now for a free no-obligation quote.


Having a faulty heating system can be resulting in £100s of pounds every year in lost energy. We find that 70% of our customers benefit from a powerflush and end up seeing results as soon as their next quarterly bill!

Powerflush Time

You don't have to wait in all day to have your central heating system power washed, in fact it only takes approx 4 hours on a standard house. And you will feel the results immediately, making your house walm and energy efficient again.

Welcome to Powerhouse Flushing

There are many benefits to having your central heating system powerflushed and it does not cost as much as you would think! Many people spend ££££s on a new central heating system, radiators and boilers trying to fix the most basic of problems. Many systems simply need power flushing to get them back to their former self.


  • More efficient central heating system
  • Clear radiator cold spots
  • Faster heating
  • Protect your boiler from clogging
  • Cheaper than a new system!

As the northwests premier powerflushing company, we pride ourselves on giving customers professional and truthful information on their current system. Based in Leigh, Lancashire, we serve clients throughout Cheshire, Manchester and Lancashire.

Please email or call us for a quote and information on how we can bring your central heating system back to life!


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